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Mistura Grey Blasted


Mistura Grey is a light to mid-grey Granite that has a distinctive larger white crystal structure throughout the matrix of the stone. Intermittent white background mineralisation interjected with darker grey to black crystals gives this granite a classic look. Suitable for use as paving, setts or kerbs. Mistura Grey is quarried from the lower beds of the Mistura Quarry. Mistura Buff is quarried from the upper beds of the same quarry.

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Mistura Grey Flamed
Mistura Grey Blasted


Shot Blasted

country of origin: spain

finishes: flamed / blasted 

max plan sizes: 2400mm x 1000mm x1000mm

products: paving / kerbs / setts / masonry 

To find out more about Mistura, request a product advice sheet or discuss pricing for your project, please contact us

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