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Granite is a coarse-grained igneous stone which has been used as a building material throughout history. Famed for its strength and durability, Granite is equally at home used in a contemporary setting as it is complementing an existing historic redevelopment of pedestrian or high-trafficked areas.
At Tectonix, we have a wide variety of granite in multiple colours and textures sourced from across the globe.

Villa Blanco Blasted
Castro Granite Flamed
Galacia Granite Fine Picked Granite
Quinta Grey Flamed Granite
Salgados Flamed Granite
Estrada Flamed Granite
Camino Flamed Granite
Dunas Flamed Granite
Cabral Flamed Granite
Lazara Flamed
Levante Flamed
Luso Blasted
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Zanar Granite
Mistura Grey Blasted
Shanny Flamed Granite
Ziliang Flamed
Eulalia Blasted Granite
Amarello Luz
Quinta Buff Granite Blasted
Mistura Buff
Mandra Granite Fine Picked
vidmar Blasted
Mawar Flamed Granite
Portela Flamed
Tapado Flamed
Nico Rosa Flamed Granite
Tornillo Flamed
Novo Verde Flamed Granite
Bercco Flamed Granite
Brancas Granite Flamed
Cobalto Flamed Granite
Nautico flamed Granite
Santiago Azul
Ancao Flamed Granite
Preto flamed
Mimosa Flamed Granite
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Tectonix Logo Bone colour
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