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Material Selection & Procurement Support

Consulting on natural stone

At Tectonix, we have a broad range of Natural Stone and Porcelain for Commercial and Residential projects to suit all budgets, styles, and applications. Alongside our core range of products, we offer a bespoke service and assistance with project material procurement. With a combined 35 years of stone industry experience, we have the knowledge and global network to provide something truly unique, advise on which materials would be suitable and offer assistance with managing the supply chain through to project completion. Whether that’s Granites, Limestones, or Marbles from Europe, Quartzites & Sandstones from Asia, or internal tiles sourced from across the globe, Tectonix can help you make your designs a reality with our simple, stress-free consultancy services. We will provide in-depth consultation to understand your project needs, we’ll advise on a suite of products that meet those needs both from a technical and aesthetic standpoint and make sure those products are manufactured and delivered on time and on budget.

For more information about our bespoke stone consulting services or to talk to us about your project, please get in contact.

Stocked Porcelain for Patios  

Porcelain is fast becoming the go-to paving material for any patio, roof terrace, or balcony due to its hard-wearing and low maintenance credentials. Its low water absorption and high compaction mean it's less susceptible to staining and more likely to survive our harsh British winters for longer than some alternative paving materials available. With the ability to effortlessly mimic stone or concrete through its high-definition printing process, it's easy to see why external porcelain paving has become so popular.

At Tectonix, we have crafted an exciting range of products from all over the world in a plethora of popular sizes which are all stocked in the UK ready for your next project

Porcelain Patio Paving
Cleaning Paving Jet wash

Natural Stone Remedial Work

Along with supplying products, Tectonix provide a natural stone rectification and remedial service. Whether that’s on site cleaning and treating through to bespoke masonry work and re-finishing, we have a network of skilled master masons on hand to help rectify any issues as they happen on site. To speak to us about the services we provide, please contact us for an Initial consultation.

Bespoke Landscape Artwork

With Tectonix Bespoke Artwork Service, there are no restrictions on design detail or material type. We can take your design and use our modern fabrication systems including state-of-the-art cutting equipment to take your design and make it a reality using a variety of materials. Whether that’s metal inlay work, lettering, or detail right that way up to intricate artwork subtly textured into stone, we have access to CNC machines, mask and blast, etching, and water cutting to truly help your project standout .

Natural Stone & Brass inlay detail
Tectonix Logo Bone
Tectonix Logo Bone colour
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