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Trentino Porphyry is an iconic igneous rock from Italy, known for its unique rich colour tones which naturally range from burgundy and violet to mid-grey and burnt orange. This mixed blend of colours creates a characterful and elegant palette which due to its strength, low porosity, and resistance to wear creates an excellent landscaping product to be used in either pedestrian or high-trafficked areas.

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Trentino Porphyry Slabs

Multi Blend Slabs

Multi Blend Cubes

country of origin: italy

finishes: natural split


edge profile: sawn / cropped

slabs plan size: 100mm - 400mm x random length x 30-60mm / 50-80mm

cubes plan size: 80mm x 80mm - 100mm x 100mm x 40-60mm / 55-80mm / 75-110mm / 100-130mm / 120-150mm

products: paving / kerbs / setts / masonry 

Trentino Porphyry can be selected into specific tonal colour blends to suit client specification 

To find out more about Trentino Porphyry, request a product advice sheet or discuss pricing for your project, please contact us

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Our image gallery of Trentino Porphyry

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