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Nick Foster Tectonix

I grew up wanting to be a footballer until I discovered what pints were and realised I’m not Gazza and I couldn’t juggle doing both. Supporting my local team, Bradford City, is the closest I get to living that dream these days, although I reckon putting myself through that torture every weekend is likely where my penchant for “refreshments” comes from!


It was purely happenstance that led me into the Natural Stone industry. I’d been looking for a new challenge and the opportunity presented itself to work in a field that prioritised people above all else - that’s an ethos I try to adhere to daily and is the reason I’m still here! Being able to be involved in different types of projects and seeing them come to life is such a rewarding feeling and one I don’t think I’ll ever tire of!


I’m thrilled to have joined the team at Tectonix to help deliver projects that both delight and inspire. The guys already have well over 40 years of industry experience between them – throw my knowledge into the mix and we have…well over 40 years of experience between us!

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