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Dave Stanger Tectonix Profile

I grew up wanting to be the frontman for a boyband, but recognising from an early age that I couldn’t sing, I was destined for a backing role or a different career!


I played a lot of rugby from an early age and have since been surrounded by different classes, races and ages. Perhaps more than the rugby itself, I was inspired to be in and amongst the characters of the game who gave positive energy and support to those around them and to those who found the fun in what they do. I believe this environment in particular and the love and support of my family have helped shape me enormously to be who and where I am today!


I don’t hold a suite of qualifications or command any letters after my name, I have always struggled academically to commit to something I don’t necessarily believe in. I believe in experience and learning from those around you in a less structured fashion.


My drive in life isn’t to chase material things or to have ‘bragging rights’ on income, my purpose as a son, brother, husband, father and friend is to give and not to take from those around me. I always have and always will continue to find reward in humour, adding value, positively impacting on those around me and building meaningful and lasting relationships.


I’m a relatively simple individual who enjoys seeing his kids dance, his family happy and his friends succeed. I also enjoy a challenge each day that motivates me to be better person whether that be personal or in my career.


Being credible and genuine is a core belief, not a text book recommendation, I carry this into all I do.


Now in my early 40’s and accepting that I will never front that boyband, I find myself swimming amongst my peers in the stone industry, an industry I didn’t even know existed 25 years ago but one I have become incredibly fond of as the rewards of both the projects and the friendships are immeasurable.


I don’t have a big book of cliché’s or hold the wisdom of the Dali Lama but I have boundless energy and a constant appetite to help, support and grow myself and those around me. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone prepared to listen it would be that “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, it has its ups and downs so let’s enjoy it and let’s do it with a smile!”

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