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Chris Frankland

I grew up living in South East Asia so had an extremely varied, eclectic, and exciting childhood. What it gave me was an appreciation of culture, people, and diversity. Wider than that it helped me realise that this world we live in is a wonderful place and gave me the hunger to explore and not to fear the unknown… which is still something very much part of my mentality today.

I’d love to say I wanted to be something grand and influential when growing up, but from memory, I wanted to be a plumber. Principally because I was good at fixing the plug in the bath. Which is sadly a trait I’ve not taken into adulthood!

After spending years gaining various marketing qualifications, I almost fell into this industry by chance. But like many others, I fell instantly in love with it (and all its foibles) and never left. Nearly seventeen years later, I’m still involved and as excited and intrigued by it as I was on day one. I learned very quickly that this industry more than any other is about people. Listening, learning, adding value and building long-lasting relationships are some of the things I personally value and something we’re all keen on here at Tectonix.

I’m a season ticket holder at Luton Town Football Club (it’s the hope that kills you), so I know more than most about disappointment, dusting myself down, and going again. But I’ve also learned a huge amount about camaraderie, elation, and passion along the way, but more importantly, being around people from all walks of life with different opinions but a shared unity or goal. And that is what I find exciting about not just football fandom, but about life.

Dealing with natural stone is like nothing else. It’s not easy, and it can be frustrating but ultimately it is the best industry and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

“Oh, and I used to be in a band. But I don’t really want to talk about it…”

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